Q: What is the shipping policy of StyFash?

We at StyFash always strive to deliver your orders as accurately and quickly as possible. We offer Free Delivery on all orders with no specific minimum order value across all categories except home appliances.

Q: How do I know if my order is confirmed?

When you place an order with us online, you will receive a confirmation mail in the e-mail address you provide us. Subsequently you will receive a confirmation call from us. Once you confirm, your order is eligible to be dispatched.

Q: Will StyFash call me before my order is delivered?

StyFash will contact you via phone to confirm the order. Once it is confirmed, the parcel is handed over to the courier company for delivery.

Q: How does StyFash deliver my order?

StyFash delivers your order through reputed courier companies like FedEx, India Post etc. depending on your shipping address. We always try to deliver your order at the earliest and we take this into account while choosing the right courier company suited for your particular location.

Q: When will my order get delivered?

It largely depends on your location and the courier company delivering the order to you.

Q: Do I need to pay any delivery charges?

No, we offer Free Delivery on all orders across all categories except home appliances. So, when you place an order with us for any product except home appliances, you do not have to pay anything extra as delivery charges.

Q: Do you offer Cash on Delivery?

Yes, we do offer Cash on Delivery across all categories (except home appliances) with no minimum order value. So, you can make your payment to the delivery man in cash only when the parcel reaches you.

Q: I have not received my order even though the expected delivery time is over. What do I do?

Kindly contact us over phone or through e-mail or chat, we will surely look into the matter to make sure you receive your parcel at the earliest.

Q: Will my order be delivered in a single package?

Yes, we generally ship a single order in a single package even though it contains more than one product. But if you want separate package for different products you have ordered, you can add a note about the same when you place the order online. We will try to keep that in mind while shipping the parcel.

Q: Can I open the package at the time of delivery?

Open delivery is not allowed in India. So, you cannot open the parcel until you accept it from the courier company. If you opt for cash on delivery, you need to make the payment while receiving the parcel. Once you accept the parcel and make payment, you can open it. However, if you find out any issue with the product after opening the parcel, you can always get in touch with us and request for an exchange within 07 days. Kindly check out our return policy for more details.

Q: The delivery man is asking me to pay extra money. Should I pay?

No, you should never pay anything extra to the delivery man. If you opt for cash on delivery, you should check the invoice and pay the amount printed there as payable. You should not pay anything more or less.

Q: I have ordered more than one product and want them to be delivered to two different addresses. Can you do that?

No, we usually deliver to a single address against a single order. If you want two different products to be delivered to two different addresses, we request you to kindly place two separate orders for them.

Q: Are the orders delivered on weekends as well?

We hand over your parcel to the courier company who deliver it to your doorstep. It completely depends on the specific courier company whether they will deliver your order on week end.

Q: I need the products delivered quickly. Can you deliver it faster?

At the moment, we do not offer anything like an express delivery service. It will not be possible for us to expedite the delivery of your order. However, once your order is confirmed, we process it at the earliest so that you do not face any unnecessary delay in receiving the parcel.

Q: How do I know the status of my order?

You can check the status of your order by logging in your StyFash account. You will find the details listed there.

Q: Is change of delivery address allowed after placing an order?

After you place an order online, we will give you a call to confirm your order and shipping address. If you would like to change the delivery address, you can inform us during the confirmation call and we will deliver accordingly.

Q: The courier man delivered an open/broken-seal package. What do I do?

We never ship open/broken seal parcel. In case the courier man delivers any open/broken seal parcel to you, do not accept it. You may also contact us and we will surely look into the matter.

Q: I was not present when the courier man came to deliver the order. What can I do next?

You can contact the courier company with the tracking id. They will guide you regarding the same. Generally, in a situation like this, the courier company attempts to deliver it a few more times, depending on their own policy.

Q: Is it possible to schedule the delivery of the order at a time when I will be at home?

You can inform us about the time when you are expected to be home to receive the parcel. We will convey the same to the courier company and they may try to schedule the delivery accordingly as per their own policy.

Q: Do you deliver orders outside of India?

Yes, we do deliver orders outside of India.